Igor Arsenic won the First Place on Bentbasa Jumps

Igor Arsenic from Banja Luka is the winner of the 4th International Jumps “Sarajevo Bentbasa 2018”, which were held on the Miljacka River in the capital city of BiH.

A large number of citizens of Sarajevo, as well as numerous tourists, followed the jumps into Miljacka River. At the end of the competition program, i.e. after the last series of jumps just before the winners were announced, the official speaker asked all the attendees to move because they received information about possible bomb at the locality of Bentbasa.

The Minister of Culture and Sports of Canton Sarajevo, Mirvad Kuric, also attended the event on Bentbasa.

Although the jumps were interrupted, their organizer Dino Bajric noted that the judges summed up all the points, and that the first place went to Igor Arsenic from Banja Luka, the second place went to Danko Dangubic from Konjic and the third place went to Djordje Gajic also from Banja Luka.

He also added that they waited for the police to do their job, after which they officially proclaimed the winners.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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