Igor Kamocaji speaks on the Records of the Employment Service of CS

kamocaji“Employees and the management of the PI Employment Service of Sarajevo Canton, have used the year 2015 for the implementation of the activities envisaged by the Work Programme, and aimed to increase employment, improve the efficiency of intermediation in the process of employment and decrease the unemployment rate. They also worked on ensuring material and social security for people during their temporary unemployment and unemployment benefits to unemployed persons, “according to Igor Kamocaji, the director of that public institution.

Kamocaji emphasizes the incentive measures of employment – active employment policy, for which the Department allocated 9,291,624 BAM in 2015 for the employment of 1,446 people.

Besides these programs, the Department, in cooperation with the Federal Employment Service in the area of Sarajevo Canton also realized: “Program Start-Up 2015”, “The public works program 2015”, “The first working experience 2015”, “Opportunity for all”, “Voucher for work” and a “Program of self-employment / employment in agriculture”. A total of 1,683,718.61 BAM is planned for federal programs implemented by the Department of CS. For the Program for self-employment / employment in agriculture is allocated 3,000 000 BAM for the whole FB&H.

“For the year 2016, I would like to note some new projects: the development of a new system of training for entrepreneurship, strengthening the activities already initiated of the development of cross-border co-operation under the criteria of the EU IPA funds, and our goal is the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of business ethics and compliance in the public and private sector, which we recently signed with Net Consulting and the Academy of business ethics and compliance. With this agreement, we will give a chance to young people to make their own future through a new profession, which is still unknown in B&H, and it is called the officer of ethics and compliance. B&H, by some estimates, is already missing about two and a half thousand young people who could be immediately employed as officers, managers of ethics in organizations of public and private sector. You have to admit, those are not small numbers, “concluded Kamocaji.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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