Ilijaš to get a Factory for Motor Oil Recycling

Factory for Motor Oil Recycling blic.rsIn near future, the Ilijaš Municipality could get the first factory for motor oil recycling in B&H, of which the whole country and even countries of the region would benefit. At this year’s Urban Salon held on November 6 in Niš, organized by the Association of Urbanists of Serbia, the IPSA Institute from Sarajevo presented the Urban Project of the Factory for motor oil recycling Ilijaš.

“Locality for the factory of recycling motor oils is in the Municipality of Ilijaš, in the industrial zone on the right bank of the Bosna River, and it will cover the total area of 22,000 square meters,” said Mirza Bašalić from the IPSA Institute.

“Waste oils are dangerous technological waste”, it is stated in the Law on Environmental Protection of FB&H, and thereby special attention must be paid during its disposal. According to some statistical data, one fifth of water contaminators are used oils – one liter of oil contaminates a million liters of water.

According to Bašalić, the space inside the factory consists of several functional wholes such as the plant for processing i.e. recycling raw materials and producing finished products, storage area for raw materials and finished products, system for oil products manipulation, electrical substation with distribution, administrative facility with accompanying and supplementary facilities of the plants, control point at the entrance and exit to the complex, and parking space for tanks.

Bašalić highlighted that the access to the location has been completely resolved with existing roads and industrial tracks. Traffic inside the location itself is adjusted to technological process of the factory.

“Factory for oil recycling is designed to provide annual capacity of up to 50,000 tons of finished product, which is 95% oil and 2% sludge which will later be processed to get bitumen and clear water”, Mirza Bašalić said.


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