Ilma Kazazic: My greatest Wish is the Success at the “Paralympics”

In the field of ​​alpine skiing for persons with disabilities, 19-year-old girl from Sarajevo, Ilma Kazazic, is the first competitor from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to reach the norm for the next “Paralympic Games 2018”.

This young Paralympic skier won two European medals in alpine skiing last year. Even cerebral palsy, for which she says is a condition not a disease, which was most likely caused during the birth, did not stop her.

“We think that it happened during the birth or it was innate, we are not sure. Mainly, it was a greater fate and a nerve damage happened. In the third year I was diagnosed with a mild form of cerebral palsy, ” Ilma said at the beginning of the interview.

Her parents who never gave up on the exercise played a key role in her success, and before the skiing, Ilma was involved in various sports to improve her health.

“My father tought me how to ski. He had the courage to put me on skis when I was four years old. Besides skiing, I was training rhythmic gymnastics and swimming. My coach Senad Turkovic, who recognized my potential, urged me to start skiing more seriously, thus I am professionally engaged in this sport today, “ this young and brave skier emphasized.

Besides skiing, her first love was a computer science, and that is why she enrolled at the Faculty of Information Technology in Mostar.

“Besides skiing, my love is also the computer science which I am studying. Honestly, it is hard to coordinate everything, but when you like something, you can always find time. I think anyone can succeed in life, because it is all about will and desire, “ said Ilma, adding that she has also graduated from Primary Music School, and that she likes to play the piano.

The secrets to Ilma’s success are: persistence, hard work, a lot of sacrifice, and parent support.

“My biggest motivation are my parents who were, above all, responsible for my success and financially supported my skiing, together with my sponsors who later became involved in all of this. The Paralympic Committee of BiH has supported us this season before IO, by funding equipment and races. Now, I would like to thank them and all my sponsors who have helped us to realize all of this,“ our snow heroine stressed out, and advised young people not to give up on their dreams, because they can accomplish anything they truly want.

Her goal is, as she says, to make a great achievement at the “Paralympic Games” , and to graduate, since the college is high priority for her.

Ilma Kazazic is currently doing workouts, in order to prepare for the upcoming “Paralympic Games” to be held in the South Korea.



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