IMF Satisfied With Realized Goals in the FBiH

MMF_151212At yesterday’s meeting in the FBiH government, the Head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in B&H Ron van Rooden said most of the objectives have been implemented by the end of June. He expressed his satisfaction with the demonstrated signs of recovery of the economy in the FBiH, and increase in production and the rate of export.

Prime Minister of the FBiH Nermin Nikšić and the FBiH Minister of Finance Ante Krajina together with their colleagues were the hosts of the meeing. The Resident Representative of the IMF to B&H Ruben Atoyan and the Chief Economist of the IMF Zaijin Zan attended the meeting, announced the FBiH government and conveyed by Srna.

In a statement by the FBiH, Roden announced the new challenges concerning the implementation of the FBiH budget, but that he sees no need for its revision, which is, as he said, more than likely in the RS.

The IMF Mission has been in B&H since 4 September as part of the fourth monitoring of the Stand-By Arrangement with B&H.

The Stand-By Arrangement was approved on September 2012 in support of an economic program for 2012-2014 with a total value of 385 million Euros, or 752,9 million KM.

The third review of the Stand-By Agreement of the IMF was concluded at the end of June 2013, and until now 192,5 million Euros or 376,5 million KM have been allocated to B&H.

If the fourth review ends positively, B&H will have access to 48,1 million Euros or 94,1 million KM.


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