Improvement of the Economy in Srebrenica

Prevent-Cimos-SrebrenicaPrevent Group today officially took over the factory Cimos in Srebrenica whose primary activity is the production of car parts, and which operates since 2005.

The business processes of that company include welding technology, mechanical processing and stamping.

This investment ensured the continuation of production activities in Srebrenica and retained jobs for at least 101 employees.

The director of “Cimos“ in BiH,Goran Dimc, said that sale of the factory in Srebrenica belongs to the process of operational restructuring of “Cimos“ that will continue to be present in BiH, and added that the sale of the factory “Prevent” offers an opportunity for the Group for the further economic recovery of the environment.

The president of the Administration of “Prevent BH“, Almir Jazvin, said that taking off the factory will expand production range, diversify the structure of customers and products and strengthen the presence in Srebrenica and welcomed 101 new employees that will join the Prevent Group.

“Prevent“ in Srebrenica is already producing covers for handbrakes and employs more than 80 employees, and with taking off the “Cimos“ it will continue the production of car parts, and additionally support the economic recovery in that region by the synergy of production-sales range, as announced from “Prevent“.


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