In BiH, for every Person born, 1.51 died

During 2020, there was no canton in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) with a positive natural population increase. On average, for every person born in FBiH, 1.51 people died.

The worst situation was in Posavina Canton (4.47 deaths), while the least bad situation was in Canton Sarajevo (1.25).

Since there is a possibility that the data is “distorted” due to the pandemic, it is important to look at the structure of the data in 2019. Although the number of deaths per number of births in the FBiH was indeed lower on average (1.22), the relative position of the cantons was almost unchanged.

Even back then the worst situation was in Posavina Canton (3.91), Canton 10 (2.41), and Bosnian-Podrinje (1.61), while the least bad situation was in Canton Sarajevo (1.02) and Zenica-Doboj Canton (1.09).

There are municipalities that had a positive population increase in 2019 such as: Ilijas (0.63), Buzim (0.70), Ilidza (0.74), Tesanj (0.75), Vogosca (0.75), Dogoj-jug (0.81), Kakanj (0.91), Posusje (0.91), Velika Kladusa (0.92), Srebrenik (0.93), Hadzici (0.93), Kalesija (0.94), Siroki Brijeg (0.96), Gracanica 0.97), Zivinice (0.97), and Vitez (0.98).

It is interesting that when comparing the recorded net salaries and natural increase by municipalities, in 2019 there was no statistically significant relationship. Analysts conclude from this that the economic factor is not the dominant factor in this negative natural increase, Klix.ba writes.

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