”Indexi” visited the Art Depo Coolection of Ars Aevi

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Sarajevo famous music group ”Indexi”, their members Fadil Redžić, Ranko Rihtman and Miroslav Šaranović visited the Art Depo Collection of Ars Aevi and once more supported the Project of Ars Aevi.

The members of the ‘‘Indexi’’ group are co-authors of individual statements of support for the Project of Ars Aevi together with other 84 famous people from Sarajevo and all around Bosnia and Herzegovina. With their mutual contribution they fought for the permanent opening of the Collection of Ars Aevi for the public.

During their visit, all member of the group signed the Declaration of Ars Aevi. The members of the iconic Sarajevo group were proud of the fact that Ars Aevi now has the opportunity to presents its project to the public.

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