Indirect Taxation Authority seized Cigarettes worth over One and Half Million BAM

The Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) in Bosnia and Herzegovina will conduct a public “Stop Smuggling” campaign, in which citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to report any form of illegal trade and indirect tax evasion.

The number to which the population can report illegalities is 080 02 06 07, and ITA spokesman Ratko Kovacevic told reporters that the call was free and anonymous.

“Revenues from indirect taxes are the most important for the fiscal stability of BiH and from those revenues education, health, road infrastructure, various social benefits, etc. are mostly financed,” said Kovacevic, adding that illegal trade, in addition to reducing budget revenues, also creates unfair competition.

He stated that the ITA collected almost eight billion BAM of indirect taxes last year, which speaks of the importance of these revenues for the functioning of the state.

Special emphasis is placed on the illegal sale of tobacco and tobacco products. In this regard, he pointed out, in the first six months of 2020, ITA officials seized significant quantities of tobacco and cigarettes from the black market, worth more than a million and a half BAM.

“For that reason, we want the citizens to help us. Any sale without excise stamp or with excise stamps of neighboring countries means that it is an illegal sale of cigarettes in our territory. We will process every call “, Kovacevic emphasized.

In addition to the damage to the budget, he also pointed out the damage to health.

“Citizens are additionally endangering their health. These are cigarettes that have no origin, there is no documentation. It is not known what the composition of such cigarettes is, “Kovacevic said.

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