Interesting Legend of a small Village near Rogatica


Old people tell the story about the origin of the name of the village Vragolovi near Rogatica.

Legend says that once upon a time only 22 people lived in Vragolovi. Then the plague hit the village and killed all people and livestock. Only one girl survived.

The plague comes and goes. The story goes no saying how not long after the plague “the devil” brought some wandering young man, from who knows where, to the village. He found the girl, fell in love with her and married her.

They stayed in the village, got children, and the village came back to life again. That is why the village is called Vragolovi (Bosnian language vragdevil in English language).

According to the population census from 1991, the village had 179 residents (161 Bosniaks and 18 Serbs). The population census from 2013 says that 36 residents live in this village now. The village is located 13 kilometers away from Rogatica.

(Source: rogatica-bih.blogspot.ba)

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