International Monitoring Observation to Monitor the Census

Eurostat_logoThe International Monitoring Observation by the European Commission, through the Eurostat (EU Agency for Statistics), General Directorate for Enlargement, Council of Europe, Economic Commission of the UN for Europe, Statistical Division of the Population Fund of the UN (UNFPA) are following the preparations and implementation of the census.

These organizations monitor whether international standards are applied and if the results of the census are credible. The Observation oversees the various phases of collecting data and processing in order to prevent possible abuses. The presence of international organizations will promote the correct list in respect of all national groups in the area, to give legitimacy to the data and contribute to their recognition by the international community.

The group of six experts in the census are responsible for the realization of activities in monitoring the census. These experts are specialized in demographics, lists, population statistics, cartography, data processing, and communication.

During the stage of data collection (1-15 October), experts will have the help of 28 international observers from all over Europe, whose task is the observe the enumeration.

(Source: Fena)

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