Interpol has issued a red Warrant for Fikret Abdic

Interpol has issued a red warrant for Fikret Abdic called Babo, the current mayor of Velika Kladusa and a convicted war criminal.

As it was found out, the Interpol office in Zagreb, at the request of the Croatian judiciary, is looking for Abdic on suspicion of a criminal offense 20 years ago for abuse of office.

What is now expected is that domestic police agencies will arrest Fikret Abdic.

Namely, in December 2019, the Supreme Court of Croatia accepted the appeal of the state prosecutor’s office and revoked the verdict of the County Court in Rijeka, according to which businessman, politician, and convicted war criminal from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Fikret Abdic was acquitted of charges of abuse of office.

Abdic and his son are charged with concluding fictitious loan contracts and agreements on the transfer of property rights, and the total damage caused, according to the indictment, amounts to almost two million kunas.

Fikret Abdic and his son Ervin Abdic are charged with the criminal offenses of abuse of office and power, as well as helping in the abuse of office and power, and enabling another to acquire illegal property gain.

Fikret Abdic is charged with fictitiously lending 600.000 kunas to Agrokomerc in 2001, and then, since the money was not returned, he took over the company’s real estate – a villa in Volosko worth 1.9 million kunas.

He is also charged with authorizing his son in 2005, although he was not allowed to do so because he was no longer the director of one of Agrokomerc’s companies, to sign a loan agreement with a lien on four buildings and a yard in Rijeka’s Kozala district. Both pleaded not guilty at the beginning of the trial, Klix.ba writes.


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