It is time for Haggadah to become the ‘Mona Lisa’ of Sarajevo

We believe that it is time to present the Sarajevo Haggadah to the world in an adequate way and it is time for it to become for Sarajevo what “Mona Lisa” is for Paris,” said the President of the Association of Haggadah, Eli Tauber, on the occasion of marking the European Day of Jewish Culture in Sarajevo.

Tauber noted that Haggadah is the most valuable manuscript in the National Museum of BiH, and that its artistic value puts it in the first place according to its beauty and originality of medieval painting, with unique stories of people from BiH who saved this book several times.

“There are numerous valuable things in BiH that can attract tourists to visit our country, and Sarajevo Haggadah is unique and has the potential to promote BiH in the best way possible. An important task of promoting the Haggadah to the world is in front of us. My wish is that one day people are standing in lines in front of the Museum while waiting to take a look at Haggadah, just like they are standing in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris while waiting to see ‘Mona Lisa,’” said Tauber.

Head of the Office of UNESCO in BiH, Sinisa Sesum, noted that Haggadah is enrolled in the UNESCO Register of World Heritage, and added that cultural heritage must be one of the main drivers of the development of each country.

“We believe that BiH has the capacity and heritage that needs to be promoted in order to attract investment and visitors, and that culture will largely contribute to the development of BiH in a right way,” concluded Sesum.

Minister of Environment and Tourism of the FBiH, Edita Djapo, said that this type of events remind us on differences in BiH, and that these differences are what makes this country unique.

(Source: N1)

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