Items and Dishes of Exceptional Values presented at Sarajevo City Hall

Items of exceptional values, authentic menu and dishes used during the solemn dinner in 1897 was presented during the gala dinner in Sarajevo City Hall.

It is a contribution of the City of Sarajevo to the program of Sarajevo Tourism Festival, which is realized together with the Association of Chefs in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

On behalf of the City of Sarajevo, which is a sponsor of this interesting event, the deputy mayor of City of Sarajevo Milan Trivic greeted the quests.

Deputy Mayor Trivic and President of the Association of Chefs Nermin Hodzic handed the award to Hasan Vilic for his immense contribution to the development of the delicacy and preservation of the gastronomic tradition of BiH.

Storybook neo-Moorish facades make the 1898 Vijećnica Sarajevo’s most beautiful Austro-Hungarian–era building. Seriously damaged during the 1990s siege, it finally reopened in 2014 after laborious reconstruction. Its colorfully restored multi arched interior and stained-glass ceiling are superb.

In 1914, Franz Ferdinand and his much frowned-upon wife Sophie (his mother’s former lady-in-waiting) had been on their way back from this very building when they were shot by Princip. From 1949 the building became the National Library but in August 1992 it was deliberately hit by a Serb incendiary shell. Around 90% of its irreplaceable collection of manuscripts and Bosnian books was destroyed. Those which survived might one day return but for now the building is used as the city chamber, for weddings and occasionally concerts.



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