Jusuf Hadžifejzović presented his new art creations at ” Zvono”

One of the most popular Bosnian contemporary artists Jusuf Hadžifejzović has presented last night his new art creation at the gallery of ” Zvono” in Sarajevo.

Jusuf Hadžifejzović is an artist who for nearly three decades has paid attention to abandoned objects and items and tried to give life back to them, by making depographies all around the world.

With his new art creations and impressive performance, Hadžifejzović showed once more his exquisite ability to enliven the showcased items from dark depots and to give them their lost luster.

“It is easy for me to make a new art work than to collect things and secure items, because in order to secure and keep those items I need a certain amount of money that I do not have, but I have my ideas and energy”- said Hadžifejzović about his art creation.

Hadžifejzović is also the founder of the Center of Cultural Activities ” Charlama” which recently went through a rough period fighting for its existence in the area of the ”Skenderija” Center. It is quite interesting that Hadžifejzović started his carrier thirty years ago at ” Zvono”. At that time he was ”fighting” the crude academic forms and patterns, and started believing that the time will come when his art creations will be something so intimate and familiar to all people.


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