Karatist Sadjid Bulut gave His Medal to the Girl in the Wheelchair

BulutAt the recent international tournament in traditional karate that was held in Slovenia, Karatist Sadjid Bulut from Visoko made a twenty-year-old Jana Ljondov, who suffers from cerebral paralysis, happy by giving her his silver medal, and he will remember her smile, as he says, for the rest of his life.

“When I entered the hall in Koper, I saw a girl in wheelchairs. I decided that if I win I will dedicate my victory and medal to her,” said Bulut, adding that he wanted to show that sport is both physical and spiritual upbringing.

He said that he took the medal off his neck and gave it to Jana with the permission of her mother.

Saso Ljondov, Jana’s father took a photo of them, and they found each other on social networks after their impressions settled down.

Ljondov said that this is a huge thing for his family, especially to his daughter who loves sports and visits the competition often, especially karate competitions.

“I was an athlete and I know what it means to give someone your victory, your medal, especially to someone that you do not know, and not to even present yourself, which makes the act even greater,” said Ljondov.

He said that karatist approached his wife and asked if he could give the medal to the girl in the wheelchair and after she said yes, he did it.

“My daughter is happy. He touched my heart and it has no price,” said Ljondov.

Bulut is a member of the karate club “Visoko” from Visoko, but his coach Redzep Gradjan says that such moves are made by really great athletes and great people. He said that Bulut won two gold medals last year and he is the athlete of the year of 2016 in his hometown.

On the karate competition in Koper participated competitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, and BiH.


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