”Konrad Adenauer” Foundation’s help in the fight against corruption

The Federal Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić has welcomed today in Sarajevo the director of the presidency of the ”Konrad Adenauer” Foundation to B&H, Sabin Woelkner. With its programs and projects, this Foundation tries to give its contribution to the development of democracy, social trade economy, inter-religious dialogue and international collaboration. The main themes of the conversation were the fight against corruption and organized crime and the functioning of the Federation of B&H.

The Federal Prime Minister introduced Woelkner with a set of laws who are in the procedure and whose goal is a more efficient fight against corruption and organized criminal. On this occasion he also emphasized that the Law on confiscating property gained through infringement or corruption is ready for public discussion, and that the Law on preventing corruption and organized criminal was discussed at the House of Representatives of the Federation of B&H and that they are drafting a Law on protection of reporters of corruption in collaboration with the non-governmental sector.

Woelkner offered help of her organization in this particular matter, suggesting a public discussion or a round table discussion where through different opinions they could reach the final goal in the fight against corruption and organized criminal, and that would be an efficient legal framework.


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