Koski Mehmed Pasha’s Mosque in Mostar as a Tourist Attraction

Numerous mosques were constructed and restored in BiH after the war in the 1990’s, and they are open for social and religious activities of Muslims, as well as for visits of numerous tourists.

One of these mosques is Koski Mehmed-pasha’s mosque in Mostar, which is a mosque of special historical importance that was constructed during the Ottoman Empire. It mostly serves as a place for visits of tourists.

It was constructed back in 1617 and it is the only mosque in Mostar in which was preserved the original colour and decoration of the walls. Although it was under the protection of UNESCO, it remained without its minaret in the year of 1993, and its backyard and dome were not spared as well.

The Commission to Preserve National Monuments adopted a decision by which the architectural ensemble – Koski Mehmed-pasha’s mosque and medresah in Mostar were proclaimed as a national monument of BiH.

“The architectural ensemble includes the mosque, medresah, drinking fountain, turbe and backyard with a pair of tombstones. The complex is bordered with shops and market on the eastern and northern side, while on the west and south side is an open view of the Neretva River and the Old Bridge. The access to the complex and mosque is possible only from one side – the east one,” as stated from the Commission to Preserve the National Monuments of BiH.

Of all mosques and masjids in Mostar, only three of them have domes, while all the others are covered with wooden roof constructions. These three mosques are Karadjoz-bey’s, Nesuh-aga Vucijakovic’s and Koski Mehmed-pasha’s mosque.



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