Lagumdžija and Stojadinović met yestrday in Sarajevo

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zlatko Lagumdžija and the Ambassador of Serbia in Bosnia and Herzegovina evaluated the relations of B&H and Serbia as friendly, neighborly and stable ones. They also expressed the wish to improve these relations on all levels.

Lagumdžija and Stojadinović evaluated the meetings of the officials of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia as positive, stating that the bilateral meetings on the state and other levels present a special stimulus for the development of their collaboration. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plays the crucial role in the development of the collaboration of these two countries.

Due to this, the need for executing the conclusions adopted at these political consultations of two ministries of foreign affairs has been emphasized.

At the meeting in Sarajevo, Lagumdžija and Stojadinović exchanged information and opinions about the political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, as well as in the region. They have also talked about the forthcoming visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Ivan Markić, which is scheduled for the 27th of December.

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