Landslides threatening the Traffic in Northeast Bosnia

Landslides NE Bosnia faktor.baThe rain that has been falling during the past several days caused landslides at a number of locations in northeast Bosnia, due to which the traffic on certain roads is threatened.

According to the data of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Tuzla Canton, the traffic at the section of the regional road Priboj – Teocak – Sapna is suspended and the vehicles are being directed to the alternative road routes, via Kalesija.

The drivers are also urged to be careful when driving the road Gornja Tuzla – Lopare, where the landslides occured in several places.

Due to landslides, the traffic is hampered and being conducted in one lane at the locality of Pozarnica, on the road Tuzla – Bijeljina. At the locality of Seljublje, on the same road, the traffic is banned for the vehicles whose weight exceeds 3.5 tons.

Until now, there is no data on landslides threatening the residential and other buildings. However, if the rainfall continues in following days, that possibility is not excluded as well.

(Source: klix.ba)

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