A Large Number of Hotels in the Municipality of Ilidza: Constant Growth of Overnight Stays

banja_ilidzaThe Municipality of Ilidza has been, for many years, at the forefront of Canton Sarajevo by the number of visits and overnight stays of tourists, and is at the top at state level. For the first ten months of 2016 in Canton Sarajevo, arrival of 315 653 guests had been registered, who have made 667,065 overnight stays, out of which, a total of 100,227 guests that have made 215,707 overnight stays have been registered in Ilidza, as announced from the Municipality of Centar.

In the municipality of Ilidza is available a total of 23 accommodation facilities (18 hotels, two motels, one lodging, a female dorm and a hotel complex with a car camp) with a total of 1,623 rooms and 3,510 beds, accounting for one-third of the total accommodation capacity in the Canton Sarajevo.

A number of construction investment in tourist facilities that were put into operation this year have also strengthened the position and offer of the municipality on the tourist map of BiH.

Some of capacities are: the hotel complex “Oaza”, the hotel spa and recreational society “Ilidza Hotels Ltd” , the hotel “Hills” with the children’s playground “Kinderland” as part of “Mrkulic company”. The construction of the hotel “Malak Regency” is taking place at the moment, with 174 luxury rooms and 379 beds, two conference rooms, a wellness and a spa center and two restaurants.

With the opening of Hotel Krone, the building that was constructed at the beginning of the last century, back in 1907, got renovated, with 26 accommodation units.

In the municipality of Ilidza, two locations stand out as the most interesting to tourists and that record constant increase of visits. These are the Spring of Bosna (Vrelo Bosne) and Tunnel of Hope D-B (Sarajevo Tunnel).


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