Law on a complete Ban on Smoking in Restaurants in BiH to be discussed Today

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) has submitted a Draft Law on Control and Restricted Use of Tobacco, which will be considered in the Parliament of FBiH on May 26th. This law implies a complete ban on tobacco consumption in all public closed facilities, public transport, but also in private cars with children.

The tenth item on the agenda for the session of the House of Representatives of the FBiH Parliament, which should be discussed on May 26th, refers to the Government’s proposal for a new law, which should regulate the use of tobacco in public space.

Article 5 of the proposed law clearly points out the type of ban. This is the strictest law so far, which implies a complete ban on the use of tobacco and tobacco products in all closed public spaces, workplaces, and public transport. Also, the consumption of tobacco in private vehicles with minors is prohibited. The exceptions are the consumption of chewing and snuff tobacco.

The mentioned proposal applies to tobacco and other smoking products (hookahs, water pipes…), including electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco products, as well as herbal smoking products.

Owners of catering facilities (restaurants, cafes, etc.) will be obliged to display the sign “no smoking” in visible places, and ashtrays and other ash disposal items cannot be displayed in the facility. The owner of the facility will be obliged to warn those who do not comply with this law, deny the service for them or ask the person to leave the premises. Otherwise, the owner of the facility will be obliged to call the police.

This law also provides exceptions to this ban, thus cigarette smoking will be allowed for service users in mental health services and departments, and other institutions that provide psychosocial rehabilitation.

Smoking will be allowed at airports in a separate area, but the decision on that regard is made by the airport director.

The law also prohibits the placing of tobacco products on the market, more precisely those that contain various types of additives, which creates the impression that the tobacco product is less dangerous. It is not allowed to place on the market tobacco products that contain aromas such as filters.

Also, the law prohibits any type of advertising of tobacco and tobacco products, the display of photographs, logos, etc.

A legal entity that does not prohibit the use of tobacco will be fined up to 5.000 BAM, while a natural person who consumes tobacco and tobacco products in a public closed place will be fined 100 BAM, Klix.ba writes.


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