The List of the Safest Countries in the World: At which Place is BiH?

policeThe World Economic Forum (WEF) released the newest list of the safest countries in the world.

On the first place is Finland, which is followed by the United Arab Emirates, and the extra peaceful way of life is also on a distant Iceland, as reported by the media. They are followed by Oman, Hong Kong, Singapore, Norway, Switzerland, Rwanda, and Qatar.

Of the 136 countries that were included on the list, BiH occupied the 76th place, and on the 75th place is the Montenegro, while Serbia occupies the 72nd place.

When it comes to regional countries, Croatia is on the 24th place and Slovenia on the 17th place…

At the last place is Colombia, which thus became the least secure country in the world, and it is accompanied by Yemen, Salvador, and Pakistan.

Great Britain is on the 78th place, and the USA is at 84th place on the list of safest countries of the world.

Some countries, such as Syria, were not included in this research at all.

While creating this list, the WEF took into consideration a number of parameters, and they paid special attention to the safety of tourists and business people who are traveling frequently. The focus was on harder crimes such as violence and terrorism, while smaller crimes were not taken into account.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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