Little Baby Twins Adi and Adna need our Help!

babiesAdi and Adna were born 20 days ago, in the refugee settlement Mihatovici near Tuzla and they urgently need our help.

“Babies are born a little more than 20 days ago. They were born in a refugee village. They were born without a father. However, children born in BiH, a country that has the people, and people with big hearts, people who cannot wait six months and not even six days to help someone. BiH has people who react immediately and who have helped thousands of fellow citizens so far, BiH has people who have never failed,” as said from humanitarian organization Pomozi.ba, and they added:

“The word refugee is too difficult considering that it is associated with the events from twenty years ago and the fact that we still have such a settlement is devastating. Moreover, it is heartbreaking and that in the mentioned village, almost everyone belongs to welfare cases including our two small babies as soon as they came into this world.

Babies are called Adi and Adna, and now they need everything – from diapers with a focus on the numbers 3, 4 and 5, over the clothes to the food Aptamil. They also need strollers, but what is most important – babies are healthy, thank God, and everything else will be easier. They have wood and coal for certain period, but we should not forget the mother and we’ll provide them with food and some general household items. Long-term and concrete assistance, in this case, would be to secure roof over their head out of the refugee settlement, in order for these babies to have a nice and peaceful childhood.”

You can help in several ways, according to Pomozi.ba, namely:


By calling the number – only for BH Telecom:

090 291 091 – you donate 2 BAM

090 290 029 – you donate 1 BAM


For cash payments:


For payments from BiH:

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BIH



For payments from abroad:

Banks name: Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BIH


IBAN: BA39 1541602004449067

Recipient: Association “Pomozi”, Dr. Fetaha Becirbegovica 8, 71000 Sarajevo

Purpose: Bebe – Adi i Adna

Paypal: paypal1@pomozi.ba


For those who want to donate food or other necessities to this family, you can do it on the specified address of the Association from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm.

For those who want to visit family in person, contact phone of the mother is 060 356 3740 – Elizabeta Durakovic.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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