Lovrenović: There is a Systemic Deterioration of Academic Standards

diplomAssociation for Development of Academic Freedom in BiH organized a press conference at the Sarajevo City Council. Topic of the conference was result of research on academic freedoms at universities in BiH, which URAS BiH did in the last six months.


Within this topic, they also reflected on brutal attack against academic Slavo Kukić.


”I would like to say that physical attack against academic Slavo Kukić, which took place at his workplace, is only the recent of series of activities of fasciations of BiH society”, said academic Dubravko Lovrenović.


Association for Development of Academic Freedom in BiH (URAS BiH) finds that attack against Slavo Kukić is result of barbarian politics which, in synergy of nationalist political conceptions, is trying to finally fascisize BiH society.


Members of the Association, among other things, filed charges against Chancellor of the Sarajevo University prof. dr. Muharem Avdispahić.


”Based on inspection findings, which shows that Chancellor Avdispahić, at the time he was appointed as regular professor at the University in Sarajevo, did not fulfill conditions to be appointed as a regular professor according to the law”, said Lovrenović.


Based on information collected so far and analysis of research from the public universities in BiH, URAS BiH has reached important conclusions.


”Furthermore, appointment of Chancellor at University in Tuzla Enver Halilović is also suspicious”, said academic Lovrenović.


”Chancellor offices are becoming branch offices of ethno-nationalist parties. Universities are becoming a place of education of voters, not electors, there is systemic deterioration of academic standards”, said Lovrenović.


(Source: Fena)

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