Malaysian Retail Chains interested in BH Products

domestic products fairRepresentatives of the BH companies Hepok, Klas, Dairy Livno and Sultan held a meeting yesterday at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Kuala Lumpur with the representatives of two largest distribution retail chains in Malaysia TESCO and AEON, after which a presentation of BH products was organized.

Presented products were Bosanski lokum, coffee “Zlatna džezva”, mineral water “Oaza”, semi-finished products of Klas industry such as somun, pita, pastries, and Bosnian dough layers, Hepok jams, “Sole mio” juices, “Sultan” cola, as well as the products of Dairy Livno such as cincar and trappist cheese.

All products own a halal certificate. Besides on the Malaysian market, through the two largest Malaysian retail chains the BH products could also be placed to the markets of Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and other countries of the region.

Representatives of both Malaysian retail chains expressed satisfaction with both the quality and the prices of BH products. It was agreed that the presentation and tasting of those products is organized in the coming period in shopping centers in Malaysia.

Representatives of the BH companies are staying in Malaysia due to participation at the “6th Muslim World Biz” which was opened on October 27, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur.


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