Man from B&H killed in the Attack in Berlin, Three Persons wounded

crimeYesterday was fired on four people on the street, in Berlin town district Wedding. One person was killed and three people were wounded, according to German Bild.

According to Bild, there is no information why the men were attacked, and the victims were originating from B&H.

Man (31) died from the injuries while the other three are seriously wounded. According to the police report, the men were attacked while they were leaving the building and entering the car.

They suffered serious gunshot wounds, and one of them was reanimated, but without success, and he died on the way to the hospital due to his injuries.

According to witnesses, the shooters escaped in BMW who came to the place of shooting, after which five fire trucks and three ambulances.

Police conducted the crime scene investigation and closed the crime scene, questioned the witnesses and took fingerprints.

Berliner Zeitung wrote that the attack was preceded by fight between rival families, which took place in the restaurant on Friday.

(Source: klix.ba)

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