Mayor of Municipality of Kakanj apologized to Citizens and paid Fine


After posting a photo of Kakanj Mayor Aldin Sljiva on social media showing that the mayor was not wearing a protective mask, and following suggestions from residents, the mayor made a statement admitting he was wrong and would that he will pay a fine, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

“Dear fellow citizens, yesterday I visited the work sites in the Kakanj area. At one point, wanting to look at the works on the riverbank of Bosnia, I briefly got out of the car. The work also resulted in an unauthorized physical approach between me and the director of the Planning and Construction Department. I apologize to the citizens. Our police are doing their job, I’ll pay the fine. I do not think that the mayor can be exempt from anything that applies to all citizens. We are all equal before the law, “said Mayor Sljiva.

In the meantime, the case was reported to the police who issued a warrant, and the fine was paid by the mayor.

Citizens welcomed on the social networks a gesture of recognition of the mayor and an apology to the citizens.





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