Medals signed by Juan Antonio Samaranch during Sarajevo Olympic Games sold for Record Price


The Winter Olympic Games were held in Sarajevo back in 1984, and they still put a smile on the faces of all those who remember them. Each house used to have a souvenir to remind them of this great event.

Posters, medals, coins, mascots and other souvenirs from the Olympics are reaching incredible prices on eBay nowadays.

Namely, the popular poster that was designed by Andy Warhole is sold at a price of 4,700 BAM, and it is also possible to buy medals signed by Juan Antonio Samaranch for almost 5,000 BAM.

The seller who offers medals for almost 5, 000 BAM is from Serbia, and the poster is from the Netherlands.

It is interesting that there are least sellers from BiH, whether it is because these items have sentimental value for people from our country or because they are not selling over the Internet due to general distrust for this type of sales.

There are various items that can be purchased, and besides posters and medals, everyone interested can also buy a coffee set made especially for the Olympics, flags, post stamps, stuffed toys, caps and many other stuff.


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