Memorial Room 1992-1995 to be opened in Gracanica soon


The Bosnian Cultural Center Gracanica recently, in cooperation with veterans’ associations and with the support of the city administration, initiated activities to establish the Memorial Room 1992-1995 asa special museum and documentation collection within the Gracanica Native Museum Collection.

“In the realization of this project we started to wish the honorable period of defense of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Gracanica in it to obliterate the oblivion, to acquaint the younger generations with the contribution of fighters and peoples from these territories in preserving the survival of our country, but also to remind them of all the horrors of war , destruction and war casualties,” Nedzad Peljto, director of the institution told Federal News Agency.

They intend to collect all the museum and historical material that testifies to the period 1992-1995 in the area of Gracanica and area around.

About thirty citizens who have donated valuable museum exhibits and even more valuable archival material have responded to the public invitation so far, said Edin Sakovic, expert associate for cultural heritage and head of the Native Museum Collection.

“We will professionally process and record all the collected museum and archive material, and exhibit it within a special exhibition, which will serve as a Memorial Room from 1992 to 1995 complete the cultural offer of Gracanica, and at the same time be a monument to all who, through their lives, activities and efforts, have contributed to the defense and survival of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In addition to the museum exhibit, we will also arrange a special archive and documentation collection, which will serve future researchers and historians,” said Sakovic.

The ceremonial opening of the Memorial Room is planned for May 25, which is marked as the Defense Day of the city of Gracanica.  This will be an opportunity, they point out at the Bosnian Cultural Center, to give all the donors, the people who gave in and donated the material, a thank you note.  From this institution, they also invite all other citizens of Gracanica, and especially former veterans, to support these activities and to donate museum and historical material, if they have any.

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