The Mere Worth 2,3 million BAM Built in Žepa

mereThe company Ribarstvo Slap from Žepa finished the project of filling the new built pools with juvenile fish in the mere worth 2,3 million BAM.

The construction works of the mere lasted over a year. It was built on the source of the river Žepa and around million trout will be cultivated in it.

The testing filling of the pool with spring water was effectuated on Thursday, August 21th this year, and two days ago started the filling with juvenile fish. On that occasion, Ramiz Salkić, the vice president of the National Assembly of the RS, talked to Muhamed Tabaković, director of the company Ribarstvo Slap Žepa about this large investment as well as about possibilities of employing the comeback population. – by Bosnian Media Group.

(Source: Klix / photo:

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