Mesic to cancel his Performance in Beijing due to Injury?

Kemal Mesic Cancellation sport.baUnfortunately, the BH shot putter Kemal Mesic will not perform at the World Championships in Athletics which is to be held in Beijing from 22nd to 30th of August.

“Unfortunately, I will have to cancel the appearance at the World Championships because of the new crack of the left calf muscle. My calf broke three weeks ago at the Balkan Games for the first time, I tried to rehabilitate it with therapies and injections, but it cracked again during the last training, while I was trying to throw the shot”, said Mesic.

The BH shot putter did not hide his disappointment with the injury.

“It is a pity, because I was preparing for this competition all year long. The new injury is a heavy blow for me because I will not perform at the World Championships. I’m more ready than ever this year, but I’ve got no luck. Now I am left to heal this injury and get ready for the Olympic year”, said the BH athlete.

The athlete Amel Tuka and the shot putter Hamza Alic will represent B&H in Beijing.

“Alic can reach the finals, he is well-prepared, and Tuka will fight for the medal”, said Mesic.

In the end, he thanked everyone who supports him.

“Thank you all for the support. There is no giving up, let’s move on. There will be more major competitions”, Mesic concluded.

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