Milk Export Blockade: Claims that the Objection was made too late

Ljubomir Kalaba Milk Export seebiz.netAfter a meeting with the representatives of the Delegation of the European Union in B&H, the director of the Veterinary Office of B&H Ljubomir Kalaba said that they have submitted a note of protest, which is to be forwarded for consideration, and that it is still not known to the Delegation of the EU which country appealed and thereby blocked the export of BH milk.

Kalaba stated that he still considers that the objection was submitted too late, as well as that he will ask for an urgent meeting in Brussels to discuss that.

“We do not know what this objection is about. We met all the conditions of the EU, and the objection should be of professional nature and directed towards the Committee for Food and Animal Health. Afterwards, it is directed to the other Committee for the Food of Animal Origin and there the appeal is voted for, after which the decision is reached by the simple majority. Today we submitted a note of protest on the fact that the objection arrived after the expiration of the deadline for complaints”, said Kalaba.

The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H Dusan Neskovic, who also expects concrete answers from Brussels and the relevant institutions.

Neskovic stated that he believes this is about postponing this business, noting that B&H met all the conditions for the export of milk.

“We should be aware that EU is a community of interest, and that we should have our own interest in all that and not wait for their reactions, but that we must always have an initiative. I believe this is a good moral for us, also when we do some other businesses, especially as we want to export chicken and table eggs to the EU”, Neskovic added.

According to Neskovic, the farmers will suffer the greatest consequences, particularly those who intended to export and who made certain agreements and deadlines.

The media reported that the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H Mirko Sarovic confirmed that Croatia blocked the export of milk from B&H to the EU.


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