Milorad Dodik announced the Possibility of Blocking the 2022 Elections

Milorad Dodik, the chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), announced the possibility of blocking the 2022 elections if there is no agreement with the Central Election Commission (CEC).

He stated this during yesterday’s stay in Srebrenica, after a meeting with Mladen Grujicic, the mayor of that municipality.

A repeat election will be held in Srebrenica this Sunday after the CEC annulled the elections that occurred on November 15th due to many irregularities, Klix.ba writes.

Dodik criticized the decision of the CEC to annul the elections in Srebrenica and called the announcement of pro-Bosnian parties to boycott the repeat election wrong. He called on everyone to go to vote on Sunday, but he also said that the CEC should resign.

“If the CEC remains like this, with such tails that it pulls behind it, full of illegitimacy and illegality, the big question is how the 2022 elections will be held. We are very serious in our intention not to allow those elections to take place,” said Dodik.

He explained that it is possible for municipalities in which the SNSD is the majority to make a decision not to elect municipal election commissions and local committees, and not to approve the use of facilities for election purposes, which would make it impossible to hold elections.

“We want regular election conditions, and that means an agreement,” said Dodik.

He explained that a boycott of the elections is not an option because it would only lead to the victory of the opposition.

Grujicic said that there were no irregularities or incidents in the last elections in Srebrenica and that it will stay like that during repeat elections. He pointed out that after the elections, the development of Srebrenica will be continued, in terms of creating new jobs.

“We need to show gratitude to Dodik, who is always present in Srebrenica, physically and with his support,” said Grujicic.

Nikola Spiric also addressed the audience, emphasizing that Srebrenica will continue to have political and institutional support. He told that Bosniak parties, as well as PDP and SDS, took advantage of the CEC.

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