Miralem Pjanić : New the Most Expensive B&H Dragon

Miralem Pjanic and Edin DzekoEdin Džeko is no longer our most expensive football player. At least thay say so on the highly popular website specialised in assessing players.

After years of absolute domination, his place belongs from now on to the young Roma midfielder Miralem Pjanić, who is, according to many beliefs, our best player.

Some other Dragons are also highly ranked on those lists, like for example Asmir Begović and Senad Lulić.


  1. Miralem Pjanić – 27 million Euros
  2. Edin Džeko – 24 million Euros
  3. Senad Lulić – 12 million Euros
  4. Asmir Begović – 10 million Euros
  5. Vedad Ibisević – 8 million Euros



(Source: Radio Sarajevo/ photo Reuters)

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