Mirsad Tatarevic is Pensioner with the lowest Pension in BiH

Mirsad Tatarevic, a resident of Hiseta, a settlement in Bosanska Gradiska, is interesting in many ways. This vital sixty-seven-year-old has never married. He is alone, and although he is retired, he does not enjoy retirement.

Health still serves him well, fresh weather after rain is used to cut willow for the winter.

“You won’t believe it, but for 17 years of work in the former textile industry “Triko”, I get 24 BAM of pension. Three marks go to the membership fee, so I get 21 marks and 34 pfennigs. Really miserable. If it weren’t for my horse, which I use to help people and earn 140 marks from Zenica, because I was on duty during the war, I don’t know how I would survive,” says Tatarevic.

“It is my good fortune that I am healthy and still strong in my arms. I do what people need in the gardens with a horse, but all that is small and insufficient. And you ask me why I didn’t get married, I didn’t. I worked in a factory where there were a thousand women, but there was also a war and I was left alone,”says Mirsad Tatarevic.

He rides his bicycle to Obradovac and Tekija every day, visits his friends.

He says that he is a pensioner with the lowest pension in the country, but that this does not make him unhappy, because he considers health to be his greatest wealth, Avaz writes.

Photo:B. Grgic

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