More than Billion Euros invested by Austria in BiH!

Around billion and 300 million euros was invested by Austria in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), was stated on Monday by Ambassador of BiH in Austria Kemal Kozaric at the Economic Forum in Sarajevo.

During the panel which gathered more than 50 representatives of companies from Austria, Kozaric said there are around 200 companies with around 7.500 employees in BiH.

“That is a significant number of investors, mostly in part of metal industry. It is known that 37 percent of the entire export refers to the metal industry, and 50 percent of that export is placed in Austria and Germany,” Kozaric said.

He emphasized that there should be taken a step forward when it comes to wood industry, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, and health tourism.

He added that some 160,000 Bosnians s live in Austria and that they are well integrated, respected as workers and reliable. He added that 3,000 students are studying in Vienna and Gratz.

“I truly hope that most of them will return to BiH and use their knowledge here,” said Kozaric.


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