Mostar full of Tourists from all over the World

For May Day, Mostar is full of tourists from all over the world, and all accommodated capacities are mostly filled in hotels and private apartments as well as in houses and holiday villas, while in catering facilities illuminated by the sun more space is needed.

The old town is full of domestic and foreign tourists who decided to celebrate the holiday in Mostar. Journalist learned that caterers and tourism workers are pleased with the atmosphere that reminds them of 2019 when the largest city on the Neretva river marked a record number of tourists.

Director of the Tourist Board of the City of Mostar Mensud Durakovic said in an interview that the interest of tourists from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the world is very high and that according to estimates, a record number of visitors is expected in Mostar this year.

This is shown by the fact that people are tired of the many bans caused by the pandemic and want freedom and traveling, but also the fact that a large number of accommodation facilities for tourists have been built in the area of Mostar, as well as interesting places, including the Fortica adventure park.

In addition to all this, as he states, the announcement of the air connection of Mostar with the rest of the world will play a big role, which will undoubtedly have a great impact on the arrival of tourists in this city.

Mostar jumpers are also satisfied with the arrival of tourists, who are performing several jumps these days because, as they say, an increasing number of visitors, wanting to experience Mostar in full, want to see the jump from the Old Bridge live and does not regret setting aside 100 BAM for that spectacle.

Last year’s champion in the Old Bridge jumping, Emil Tire, was on the Old Bridge and took photos with the tourists.

I am honored to promote our tradition, said the Mostar champion, who will defend this prestigious title on the last Sunday in June, writes.



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