The Municipality of Stari Grad allocated 20,000 BAM for SFF?

SFFMunicipality of Stari Grad supports the Sarajevo Film Festival again this year, and yesterday was held the signing of the Agreement on cooperation between the director of SFF, Mirsad Purivatra, and the Mayor of Stari Grad, Ibrahim Hadzibajric.

By signing the agreement, the Municipality of Stari Grad allocated 10,000 BAM for the activities of the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), and Mayor Hadzibajric meanwhile decided to allocate an additional 10,000 BAM.

The Municipality of Stari Grad supported SFF with 104,000 BAM in the last 8 years, including this amount.

“Sarajevo Film Festival is an event that we should all be proud of. We do not have SFF in Sarajevo every day and many of us cannot wait for it to start. Many people also earn some money as well, especially restaurant owners and taxi drivers. Few days before the SFF, taxi drivers stay home and rest in order to get some sleep and to be able to work at full capacity during the SFF,” said the Mayor of Stari Grad, and he also thanked Purivatra for everything he has done with the SFF.”

“Thanks to this kind of agreements and reflections, the SFF is what it is. SFF lives in two municipalities, Centar and Stari Grad, where the most important part of all that is going on behind the scenes actually happens. Hotel Europe is our central position, and numerous activities of the SFF are taking place in the municipality. Visitors generally want to stay in this part of town, to visit Bascarsija, enjoy the gastronomy, and many of them are coming back,” said Purivatra.

“Our best ambassadors are citizens of Sarajevo, people who cannot wait for the festival to begin, taxi drivers and ordinary people who enjoy  in the atmosphere of Sarajevo during those nine days.”

Within this grant will be organized a reception for the winner of the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo, Stephen Frears, in the organization of the SFF and the Municipality of Stari Grad. They will welcome the guests in Svrzo’s House.


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