”Museum Market” at the Historical Museum of B&H

In the organization of the Historical Museum of B&H, on the 23rd December, from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m., the first ” Museum Market” will be opened.

All visitors of the ” Museum Market” will be able to see and buy art works, jewelry, clothes and other unique items that were designed by 25 B&H artists and designers. They will also have the opportunity to see all other Museum exhibitions for free, accompanied with the Museum curator.

The aim of the “Museum Market” is to offer its new program to visitors, which is rather new and different to the Bosnian museum practice. It is also a chance for a lot of B&H creative people, artists and designers to exchange ideas and to improve the collaboration of the Historical Museum of B&H with B&H artists and designers in the project of starting the Museum souvenir shop in 2013.

The entrance for this event is free.


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