Muslims and Christians are studying together for Peace

With the aim of improvement and preservation of inter-religious cooperation and spreading the idea of peace in BiH, three theological faculties – the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, the Catholic Faculty of Theology from Sarajevo and the Orthodox Faculty of Theology of St. Vasilije Ostroski from Foca organized a joint interdisciplinary master’s program of Inter-religious studies and building of peace.

The lecturers are prominent domestic and international professors, experts with internationally recognized references, and the first year of the Inter-religious studies and peace building are attended by 23 students.

“Due to the specificity of the state and the time we are living in, we wanted this study program to be a mix of theology and what I think is the most important in this region in the long run, which is building lasting peace,” said Zuhdija Hasanovic, the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences.

According to Alija Gusic, the student of the Inter-religious studies, the very nature of this study is characteristic for our region.

“Because we have these three religious traditions, which are autochthonous in this region. They are authentic and they exist and live here together for generations, in some way. Our tradition and our way of life really contributes to the construction of an idea like this.”

This study is a result of intensive work, which lasted for two years, by three faculties and the international organization Catholic Relief Services in BiH.

The best dimension of a good inter-religious dialogue, which can become the foundation of the peace culture in our country, is for it to be held at the academic level.

(Source: klix.ba)






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