Women Entrepreneurs are making a Basket of BH Products

Women entrepreneurs from all over BiH are joining the “BH Treasures” initiative, which is developed as a brand for authentic BH products.

Entrepreneurs decided to focus on the promotion of products and empowerment of women entrepreneurs, in cooperation with the USAID / Sweden FARMA II Project and the Unit for Project Coordination at the Ministry of Agriculture, Economy and Forestry of the FBiH.

“The Association of Business Women in BiH is working on the development of this brand, we are looking for new products that are authentic and traditional, and we are adding them to our basket. The US Embassy supported our work through the program of women empowerment, and we are planning to cover 20 products in the next year and offer support in the process of the production, certification, packaging and design. Finally, we want to put all of these products into a basket full of BH treasures made by women,” said the representative of “BH Treasures”, Dzenisa Delalic.

“BH Treasures” already connected women entrepreneurs with experts from the sector of food and sales technology, and they gave them valuable advice regarding product development, and they want to find out more information from consumers through different promotions.

“Women entrepreneurs showed here that it is possible to perform together on the market, and that this kind of approach brings benefits to producers all over our country,” stated Delalic.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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