Muslims mark the Night of Laylatul Bara’ah

mosqueWith appropriate program, reciting of the Quran, night prayer and fasting, Muslims will mark Laylatul Bara’ah tonight.

The 8th month of the Islamic lunar calendar (Hijri calendar) is Sha’ban, one of the chosen months in which, according to many Islamic scholars, is a great opportunity to win Allah’s love, mercy and forgiveness.

Some scholars also call this month as al-Sehr-l-Mu’azzam, the glorious month, and on the 15th of Sha’ban is blessed night of Laylatul Bara’ah, when Allah Almighty determines human destiny for the next year.

This night reminds on the arrival of the month of Ramadan, in order for people to prepare spiritually and physically for fasting and other acts of worship, which begins on the 27th July 2017.

Central manifestation will be held in Careva Mosque in Sarajevo, and in many other mosques will be organized special programs.



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