National Day of Egypt marked in Sarajevo

The Ambassador of Egypt to BiH, Hala ElBishlawy, stated that Egyptians celebrate their national day with feelings of honour and pride and they are working together to fulfil the dream that refers to the construction of a highly developed state.

She also noted that Egypt is facing great challenges, among which are the threat of terrorism, but it is still a strong country thanks to the faith, integrity and cooperation among the Egyptians.

She noted good relations between Egypt and BiH in her addressing to domestic and foreign officials. These two countries “enjoy the strong connections of friendship and historical political relationships that are strengthening the love between nations and mutual respect of independence and sovereignty.”

“Egypt supports the elections in BiH and its steps towards a better future and wishes a successful electoral process in which Egypt is willing to provide all the help needed,” stated Bishlawy.

She is looking forward to the improvement of diversity in bilateral relations, and besides great political relations, cooperation on international forums, scholarships and training that Egypt awards each year, she also believes that it is important to ensure cooperation in other fields in order to further nurture the relations between the two countries.

“This is our first year in BiH. We promise to do our best, with the support of the Presidency of BiH, the Government, the institutions and officials. We are counting on you. The tunnel of hope was once a source of life, and now it is time for roads and bridges to lead people towards a better life where hopes and dreams become reality,” said the Ambassador of Egypt to BiH.

The 66th anniversary of the revolution from July 1952 that paved the way of Egypt in a society of free nations that respect peace was celebrated last night at the reception in Sarajevo.




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