National Geographic paid Tribute to Štrbački buk (Video)

strŠtrbački buk, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this part of Europe which is located on the Una River, found itself in the selection by National Geographic.

Namely, one of the most influential magazines in the world that deals with the promotion of protection, value and preservation of natural and other resources in the world yesterday published a video on Instagram featuring this pearl from Krajina.

It was never disputable whether Bosnia and Herzegovina possesses many natural resources. However, it is especially noticeable only when others point to that fact.

“The Štrbački buk waterfalls are one of the pristine natural features of the Una River which flows between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The spring fed falls and gin clear waters of the Una are part of the Una National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded in 2006,” it was written under the video that was viewed by more than one million Instagram users.

Štrbački buk is a 24-meter-high waterfall on the Una River near the settlements Kulen Vakuf and Orašac in the vicinity of Bihać. It is located near the border of BiH and Croatia. Štrbački buk consists of several waterfalls that appear to be stacked on one another.

Those natural waterfalls have been attracting attention of nature enthusiasts, fishermen, and artists for decades.


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