National Museum marks 128 years Today

Visits to National Museum abc.baThe oldest modern, cultural and scientific institution in B&H, the National Museum, will turn 128 years on the 1st of February, and in honor of this anniversary the visitors will be able to visit the Museum from 12 pm to 8 pm for free.

Guest exhibition of European cultural interest, where objects that the audience has not seen yet, and which have extreme values will be exhibited that day.

National Museum of B&H was officially opened in 1888, it survived 3 wars and survived after grants for seven B&H cultural institutions of importance for the country were suspended, because their legal status was not resolved.

Due to financial difficulties after the suspension of grants, the Museum closed its doors for 3 years, but it was re-opened on the 15th of September last year, which was greeted with enthusiasm by many citizens.

The establishment of the Museum was preceded by a period in which many individuals or groups of intellectuals emphasized the need for this kind of institution, until the Museum Society was founded and after that, the Government established the National Museum of B&H on the 1st of February 1888.

Construction was completed in 1913, and the museum was opened to the public in the present building on the 4th of October that year.



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