National Team of BiH in Speed Skating going to a Camp in Celje

Speed Skating balkans.aljazeera.netNational team of BiH in speed skating (short track) will be staying in a camp in Celje from August 9 until August 19 this year.

Representatives Samra Selimbegović and Mak Krstić are traveling to Slovenia, as well as future representatives Pierre Bennett and Ilan Krstić with their coach Aleksandar Đanešić, with full support from the Federation of Skating Sports of BiH.

BiH speed skaters will be together with representatives of Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria and the host, Slovenia.

Because of the lack of training conditions in BiH, staying in this camp is very important for our competitors because in the continuation of the skating season they are to participate in a number of strong international competitions that are in the calendar of the International Skating Union.

(Source: Al Jazeera Balkans)

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