NATO Military Committee’s high delegation met with BiH Ministry of Defense

NATO Military Committee’s high delegation consisting of thirty generals of all NATO member states met with the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) Ministry of Defense in the capital Sarajevo on Tuesday.

The highest representatives of BiH Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces led by Minister of Defense Marina Pendes hosted the delegation led by the Chairman of the Military Committee, General Petr Pavel, informing them about the BiH’s progress on the meeting conditions for the activation of the NATO Membership Plan (MAP).

At the high official’s meeting, Pendes spoke about the membership to NATO as the BiH primary foreign policy goal and highlighted that the “direct steps towards the fulfilment of the strategic goals are the activation of MAP and acquisition of the candidate status for EU membership.”

For his part, General Pavel expressed satisfaction with the progress BiH made in the defense sector and thanked for the contribution BiH is giving in the Peace Mission in Afghanistan. Moreover, Pavel explained that stability and prosperity of the Western Balkans are NATO’s strategic interests.

“BiH is a worthy NATO partner in the Western Balkans and we count on BiH to be dedicated to maintaining peace and stability, “General Pavel said in addressing the media after the meeting.

This is the first time that in this format and at this level, the NATO Military Committee is visiting BiH. BiH joined the Partnership for Peace in 2006 and has been engaged in an Intensified Dialogue with NATO on its membership aspirations and related reforms since 2008.


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