NATO Summer School gathers Students from BiH, EU and the USA 

NATOThe second NATO summer school, which is being held from August 27 until August 30 this year and which is organized by the Atlantic Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the patronage of the Department for Public Diplomacy of NATO with headquarters in Brussels, is in progress in Međugorje.

“The needs of the man and the society, preservation of peace, democracy, improvement of human rights – all that is tested when it comes to peace and security,” it was pointed out.

Because of these and all other reasons, it is necessary that BiH enters NATO and EU as soon as possible. It is very clear that NATO, as the strongest military-political alliance in the world, is an absolute guarantee of establishment and preservation of peace. In addition to this, there are all other benefits that the country would have if it entered NATO.

Deputy Commandant of NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo General Lars Arne Aulie said that it is very important to show the true presence of NATO in BiH and inform young people about the role of NATO in BiH.

President of the Atlantic Council of BiH Dijana Gupta emphasized the importance of NATO school and expressed satisfaction with the fact that attendees of NATO summer school are students from BiH, the EU, and the USA.

The desire to learn more engaged young students from both entities of BiH to attend the seminar which, as they say, opens new horizons and gives a more clear picture of the situation and possibilities in the country they live in.

Delegations from BiH, representatives of diplomatic core, intellectuals, scientific workers, representatives of media and guests from the region will also participate in the three-day-long NATO summer school which is being held in the hotel Sveti Nikola in Međugorje.

(Source: faktor.ba/photo: inreformator.ba)

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