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Nermin Niksic elected for President of SDP B&H

niksicNermin Niksic, the current president of the SDP, won on yesterday’s inter-party elections.

In the first inter-party elections that were held on the principle “one man, one vote,” Niksic won about 70 % of the votes.

19,000 out of 27,000 registered members of SDP who had the right to vote on yesterday’s election, decided to vote.

Niksic won around 70 %, or more precisely around 13,000 votes. To win in the first round, Niksic needed 50 % of votes.

Niksic achieved extraordinary result in Tuzla Canton as well, which is considered as the stronghold of Jasmin Imamovic. Niksic won 2,600 votes in Tuzla Canton, while Imamovic won 1,600 votes.

Emir Djikic, one of his rivals, admitted Niksic’s victory as well.

(Source: klix.ba)

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